How do I import a list of contacts not in PowerSchool? SwiftK12-64

Importing Lists  
  1. Click on your SwiftK12 link, and then go to the Contacts              tab

        2. Click on the +Create New Contact List  button                       

                    1. On the first screen, give the list a name and then check the Import File radio button 

                      2. Click on the Next button

                      3. Choose an Excel file from your computer which is saved in .CSV file format


       3. You will then see a list of all the column labels from your spreadsheet.

            For each one of them, choose a Type from the dropdown menu which best matches up with what kind of information is stored in that column.

       4. Click on Next, and you’re all done!

TIP: If you have an Excel spreadsheet which is not in .CSV file format, don’t worry! Just open it in Excel, then go to File > Save As and choose CSV Comma Delimited from the list of options to save it as a CSV.

Tip: When you are putting the data into the excel file, put all phone numbers in as just numbers no dashes. 


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