Setting Up Low Grade Alerts SwiftK12-69

Low Grades  

Low Grade Alerts are set up individually at the building level.

From the SwiftK12 page;, go to Settings button in top right-hand corner;  go to Automated Alerting Settings box; go to Low Grades; go to Manage Low Grade Alerts  page and click blue button on right to Add Low Grade Alert

On Low Grade Settings, go through the following simple steps to set up your automated alert.

                 Alert Creation

                 1. Give your alert a specific name to make it easy to identify at a later date.

                 2. Set an alert time by clicking the time box and using the selector provided.

                 3. Select the day (s) of the week you wish to send the alert.

                 4. Select the threshold for grades you would like to alert to. 

                  * Tip- You must select all grades up to your max threshold.

                    Example: 60 or below- check the box with 60 and all grades below 60.

Tip: This data is pulled from the following field in PowerSchool- pgfinalgrade.grade

                Message Types

                      Your language preferences should be preset.  In most cases, English is set as the default language.

                      Select which channel type(s) you would like to send : Phone Calls, SMS/TXT or E-mail

                      Select how you would like to proceed with message content entry. Basic or Advanced

           If you are using the same message content for all channels, you will select “Basic.”

           If you would like to customize your message content for each channel you will select “Advanced”.

               Compose Message

           Compose your message, using merge fields as desired.

            * Tip- Merge fields are use to personalize messages with Fist Name, Last Name, School Name, etc.

            For example, your script could read:

            This is a message from ABC School. [firstname/] [lastname/] has a grade of [lowgrades/] effective [today/]. 

               Save Alert

            Review the details of your Alert here to make sure they are accurate before you click “save and continue”.

            On the “Manage Low Grade Alerts” page, you will now see your newly created alert.

             You now have the option to edit, remove, or temporarily disable it, as needed.

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