Setting Up Low Lunch Balance Alerts SwiftK12-68

Lunch Balance  

Low Lunch Balance Alerts are set up individually at the building level.

  1. From the SwiftK12 page;, go to Settings button in top right-hand corner;  go to Automated Alerting Settings box; go to Lunch Balances; go to Manage Lunch Balance Alerts  page and click blue button on right to Add Lunch Balance Alert)
  2. On Lunch Balance Settings, go through the following simple steps to set up your automated alert.
    1. Alert Creation
      1. Click On button to Enable Lunch Balance Alert
      2.  Give your alert a specific name to make it easy to identify at a later date.
      3.  Set an alert time by clicking the time box and using the selector provided. For instance, many schools select an evening time as a reminder for the next day.
      4. Pick the days of the week you wish to send the alert. For instance, many schools send their low lunch alert once a week on a Sunday as a reminder for Monday morning.
      5. Select the Grade Levels you wish to send alerts to. The options will pre-population from PowerSchool.
      6. Select the Lunch Statuses you wish to send alerts on. The options will pre-populate from  PowerSchool. For instance, many schools exclude Low Lunch Balance Alerts to “Reduced” or “Free” lunch.
      7. Select “Exclude Zero Balance” if you do not wish to send alerts on accounts with $0.00 balances.
      8. Select the Minimum Balance which will be the lunch balance that triggers an alert.
    2. Message Types
      1. Your language preferences should be preset.  In most cases, English is set as the default language.
      2. Select the type of message to send; email, sms/text, and/or voice.
      3.  If you are using the same message for all types, you select “basic” to enter your message content. If you are using different messages for each type select “advanced”.
    3. Compose Message
      1. Compose your message, using merge fields as desired. Here is one suggested message script:

This is a message from ABC School. Your student, [firstname/] has a low lunch

 balance of [balance/] as of [today/]. Please send payment with your student or

call the school office at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 with  questions.

  1. Save Alert
    1. Review the details of your Alert here to make sure they are accurate before you click “save and continue”.
  1. On the “Manage Lunch Balance Alerts” page, you will now see your newly created alert and have the capability to edit, remove, or temporarily disable it, as needed.


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