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SwiftK12 Contact Fields/Categories


How do I know/find out what contact field is mapped to which category in SwiftK12?

 This section will help you to learn how to control which fields from PowerSchool you would like to use for your communications along with how you can control those fields.


To find what contact field is mapped to which category follow the steps below.

From your SwiftK12 home page click on Settings on the top right of the page.

Under System Settings click on Contact Field Mappings.

You are now on your Contact Fields Page.


Contacts Fields Page

On the Contacts Field Page in SwiftK12 under the column header Name all the contact fields that have been set up for your account will be listed here.

From this page, you can add additional contact Fields by clicking on the blue Add Contact field button on the top right of the page.

To Edit the Access for each filed click on the Edit button to the left of the field name

To Assign Fields to Categories and/ or view what alert categories are assigned to the field click on the categories button to the left of the field name.

The category boxes that have a check mark in them next to the category name are the assigned alert categories for the field Name.

 These are the categories mapped to that Field Name.


When a message is sent from a category that has a check mark next to it, the data in that Field mapped will receive that message/messages.


Please note: Any changes that are made to the Contact Fields page will require you to Rebuild the Plugin


If you need any assistance or have questions regarding Contact Fields, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at (800) 929-1643, option 1 or via email at: support@alertsolutions.com


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