SwiftK12 Standalone- How to Change your password SwiftK12-149

SwiftK12 Standalone  

SwiftK12 Standalone- How to Change your password


From your SwiftK12 home page, you now have the ability to change your password.


Follow the steps below to change your password.

From your SwiftK12 home page click on the orange Password button on the top right of the page.

The below pop up box will appear.


Fill in the required boxes and click on the blue Change button.

A box will appear letting you know that you have successfully changed your password.

Please keep in mind these instructions are for the SwiftK12 Standalone version.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding Changing your password, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at (800) 929-1643, option 1 or via email at support@alertsolutions.com.


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