Unlimited Contacts - Readiness check list SwiftK12-171


 Unlimited Contacts - Readiness check list

Are you thinking of moving over to PowerSchool Unlimited Contacts?

Below is a Readiness check list for your school to review if you are.

We want to make sure you have the right information in the right place to be prepared for a successful move over.


Unlimited Contacts now in PowerSchool


Contacts in PowerSchool has a new way to look at student contacts. Students can now have an unlimited number of contacts.  This allows parents and staff to add all contacts that a student will need. Another feature of contacts is that one contact can belong to multiple students, allowing for the changes to happen across all student records. Each contact can have an unlimited number of phone numbers and email address.

  • Keep a duplicate system or back up file of custom and legacy field data.  If any glitches occur, you will have a back up to switch over to.
  • If you have data in legacy fields, please do not delete until you are transitioned.  This allows us to match the existing contact preferences.
  • Clean up duplicates in Contacts.  If there are more than 20% of duplicates SwiftK12 will not be able to be moved over to unlimited contacts.

Once you are ready to move over, we run a one-time preference migration for your parents previous messaging preferences.

We put all the messaging preferences for your parents in the filed system and match them to the identical contact information you now have in your new contacts.

You will be starting off with messaging preferences that you had in your previous contact data. Your parents will not have to re-do any information.

* New students without any messaging preferences - we do a default opt-in of the first contact for each of those students, this is done on the back end. Until a parent goes in and changes the information,  it will remain as is.

Note: You must be on SwiftK12 and not Alert Solutions 2.0 to move over to unlimited contacts.


If you have questions regarding if you are ready to move over to unlimited contacts, please contact our support team at support@alertsolutions.com




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