How do I create an email template? SwiftK12-43

Email Templates  

Email Templates are a great way to ensure your recipients are receiving standardized emails from your schools.  The most common email templates are headings with the schools logo, seasonal artwork, and common standarized wording to ensure emails look consistant from the school no matter who sends them.  


How to create an email template

  1. Go to SwiftK12 > Settings > Email Stationery.  
    1. This area allows you to create new email stationery/templates, set default stationery via on/off switches, edit stationery content (pencil icon), and delete email stationery (via the red ‘x’ option). 
  2. Click the Add Stationery Template button to the right of the Manage Email Stationery panel.
  3. Next you will be prompted to enter in the name of the template, a description, and your template content.
    1. ‚ÄčThe editing toolbar gives you a lot of flexibility in developing your email stationery.  You can change the font type, size and color; add bullet points, tables and more.
  4. ‚ÄčOnce you are happy with the email template, click the Save button at the bottom.


Tip: Adding a description is very helpful when selecting to use the email template in an email message.

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