How to adjust the From Caller ID on the fly when creating alerts SwiftK12-165

Important Updates  

How to adjust the From Caller Id on the fly when creating alerts.

You can now adjust the From Caller ID while creating your alert.


The From Caller Id number will default to what has been predefined in Settings > Messaging Settings> Messaging Defaults > From Caller ID:

To change your From Caller ID when creating a new alert, click the down arrow in the box and select which number you would like to use. This is the number that will appear on the recipients phone.


Note: If you would like to have multiple caller ID's added to your account, please contact Customer Support as they will need to update your settings.


 If you require additional assistance, you can contact our Customer Support Department at (800) 929-1643 extension 1, or via email at  We also offer Live Chat Help from directly within your SwiftK12 portal available from 9AM to 5PM EST.

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