How to create and send an alert using the current selection of PowerSchool? SwiftK12-61

Alert Selected Students/Staff Wizard  

Within PowerSchool, users can build a custom or standard current selection and carry it over to Swiftk12. After building your current selection within PowerSchool follow the instructions listed.

  1.     Click the Alert Selected Students button located on your home page of Powerschool bottom right.
  2.     You will now be on the Current student selection preview page within SwiftK12

Here you will have a preview of the first ten records from the current selection.

  1.     Click on the Next button
  2.     Under “What do you want to call this alert?”,
    •          choose your Alert Name, Alert Description, Message Type

 5.    Under “Manage duplicate contacts”, you must determine if you want to have duplicate contact information removed before your send.  If you leave this box unchecked, the message will be sent to all chosen contacts, including to those with duplicate contact information.

  1.     Next, click on Show/Hide Supported Languages to define the language(s) for automatic translation to complement your default language.  Place a check mark in the box (es) for the additional language selections
  2.     Select which message type(s) you would like to use for your send (Phone Calls; SMS/TXT; and E-mail)
  3.     Next, select additional options for your message send:
    •          Hot-line
    •          Facebook
    •          Twitter
    •          RSS Feed
  4.     Select your message content entry method:
    •              Basic
  5.   Give your message a subject
  6.   If you wish to use text to speech versus recording your message, check the box that reads, “Use text to speech for Voice Message” and type in the content you wish to include in your message.
  7.   To create a recorded message, uncheck the box that reads, “Use text to speech for Voice Message.” You will be prompted via an instructional wizard to record your message after you save your alert content.

Important: Even if you are not using text to speech, it is required that you place the content of your call script into the message content box for your later recording. This will also allow you to have a reference point during the recording options section. Also, if you do not enter content into this box, you will not be allowed to save your alert.

  1.   Click Next button
  2.   On the next screen, you will be able to confirm the details of your message send. 
  3.   Once you are ready to proceed with the message, click “Save and Continue.”

If you are going to be recording a voice message versus using text to speech, you will be prompted to record your message, either by using the toll-free phone number shown on the screen, or you can record your message via your computer’s microphone by clicking the “Record Now” button followed by the provided message code and your primary message.


Tip! If you are recording your message from your computer’s microphone, right-click on the top right-hand side of your browser window to allow for SwiftK12 to access your microphone before recording.

  1.   After you have recorded your message, click Next button.
  2.   You will be directed to the “What do you want to do with this alert?” screen.
  3.   Here, you have three options:
    •              Test Alert to Yourself: Allows you to test the alert before you determine to launch now or to launch later.
    •              Launch Now (sends immediately)
    •              Launch Later (schedule date and time)


  1.   When you are satisfied with your message content, click Finalize Alert


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