How to fill out basic information and call options SwiftK12-33

Messaging Defaults  

Messaging Settings

From Email Address: Enter a valid email address that you would like your messages to appear from.

From Email Name: Enter your School District or specific Building Name

From SMS Name: This allows you to enter a prefix to your SMS messages for personalization and identification purposes

From Caller ID: Enter the phone number you would like to display on the caller id when sending voice messages

Call Options

Call Retries: This allows you to control how many times you would like to retry a phone number that is unavailable the first time trying to connect

Call Retry Interval: This is how many minutes you would like to wait before the phone number is retried for a successful connection

Max Ring Seconds: This is how long you would like to wait before the call is due to a non-answer of either a live person or answering machine

Voice Message Replays: This is how many times you would like the current message you are sending to automatically replay its content before disconnecting


  1. Call Retries:  A setting of 1-2 here will work best, remember each retry will delay the job from its completion
  2. Call Retry Interval:  A setting of 3 here is recommended, this will give the phone line long enough to clear any issues before retrying to connect
  3. Max Ring Seconds: We recommend leaving this at 60
  4. Voice Message Replays: We recommend setting this to 2
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