How to record your voice message in an Alert SwiftK12-128

Create and Send Messages  

How to launch an alert using a voice recording.


From your SwiftK12 home page, click on the blue Send an Alert Button.

Under "What do you want to call this alert?" Type in your Alert Name and your Alert Description.

Under "What type of alert s this?" Select your Message category by using the drop down arrow.

Under What schools will be included in this alert?

If working from the District office the Entire District is checked by default.

Uncheck the box and click in the box below to select an individual school or schools if not sending to the entire district.

If working from a building, Under Who are the recipients for this alert? Check off Students/Guardians. A box will appear asking Which Student Grades Should be Contacted?

Uncheck the box next to Send to ALL grades and you will be able to select an individual grade or grades to send to.

If you would like to include Staff for this message. Check off the box next to staff to select Which Staff Types Should be Contacted.

If you would like to Include a Custom List, check the box next to Include a Custom List, click in the box below and select one or more lists to include.

Under "Manage Duplicate Contacts" The enable duplicate Contact Filtering box is checked off by default. You must determine if you want to have duplicate contact information removed before you send. If you leave this box unchecked, the message will be sent to all chosen contacts, including those with duplicate contact information. 

Click Next

On the How would you like your alert messages delivered page- Click on the Show/Hide Supported Languages box in order to define the language or languages for automated translation to complement your default language.

Under Which message types would you like to send? Select the channel type(s) you would like to send: Phone Calls, SMS/TXT or E-mail.

Under Post your alert message via which other optional methods?

Select additional options- Hot-line, Facebook, Twitter or RSS

How would you like to proceed with message content entry?

Select your message content entry method:

Basic- Allows you to use the same content for all channels selected.

Advanced- Will allow you to use different content for each of the selected channels.

These instructions will use the Advanced function.

Click Next

Message Content- This will be for your content for your voice message. - Type your content in the box.

**If you are going to record your own message and not use text to speech your required to have content in this box.

By default, the "Use Text-to Speech for Voice Message" is checked, meaning the message will be read by the computer for your convience.

If you would like to record your own message, uncheck the box that reads, "Use Text- to- Speech for Voice Message"

When you uncheck the box a reminder banner will appear reminding you that you will be required to record a voice message in a new wizard step prior to launching the alert.

Leave the Use Text to Speech box unchecked if you are going to record your message and continue with your alert creation.

Short Message Content- This is for your SMS/Text message. Enter your message in the box.

Please note, there is a 140 character limit in this box. The numbers below the box will reflect how many characters you have remaining.

Email Content- Enter your Email Subject in the box.

If you would like to use a stationery template that you created click on the top left of the tool bar on the Templates button  and select the template you would like to use.

You can add images , links  and insert merge fields   in the body of your email if you like.

Enter your message content in the box.

Once all your information is entered click the Next button.

On the "Are these alert options correct?" screen, you will be able to confirm the details of your message.

If you need to make any changes, click on the blue back button.

Once you are ready to proceed with the message, click "Save and Continue"

You will now be brought to the page which will require you to create your voice recording before you can continue to launch or schedule your alert.

There are two options to record your voice message.

The first option is to call into the number that appears on your screen.

Choose option 1 to make the voice recording, you will be asked to enter the numerical pin code after you have dialed in to the number that appears on your screen. 

From here you will be able to record your voice message.

The second option is to record from your computer headset or speakers.

Press the red Record Now button to record your message.

If you are not the person that will be recording the message click on the next button and then click on the OK button.

You can find the alert you just created by clicking on the HOME button on the top of the page and clicking on the Blue Manage alerts button.

To the right of the alert if your Test and Launch buttons are dim, this means you have chosen to record a personal voice message instead of using text to speech and have not currently done so.

To record your voice message-

Click on the blue Edit Alert button with the pencil in it to the left of the Alert name, scroll down and click next until you have reached the page with the Save & Continue button, once you click on the Save & Continue button the next screen will prompt you to record the message.

If you are not the person recording the voice message. Provide the Alert name to the person who will be recording the content.

They will click on the blue Edit Alert button with the pencil in it and follow the same steps we just went thru to record their content.

Please contact our live Online help if you need any assistance.






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