How to send an Alert to Parents and Students from within SwiftK12 SwiftK12-170

Alert Categories  

How to send an Alert to Parents and Students from SwiftK12




Sending an alert to Parents and Students at the same time can be done within your SwiftK12 platform.


The below instructions will walk your thru how to create your new alert category to send messages to Parents and Students.

NoteBefore creating a new alert category in SwiftK12 all fields you want to utilize must be created in PowerSchool.

Once your have confirmed the fields for use are in PowerSchool, contact our support team with the new custom/legacy field titles so they can be added to SwiftK12 field mapping.

This will be the field/fields assigned to the new category created in SwiftK12.

Once the new alert category has been created in PowerSchool follow the steps below to create the new alert category in SwiftK12.


To create a new alert category


From your SwiftK12 Home page, click on Settings on the top right of the page.

Under System Settings, click on Alert Categories.

On the top right of the Alert Categories Page click on the blue Add Alert Category button.

The Add Category box will pop up.

Enter the category Name: (Example) Students and Parents

Enter the category Description: (Example) Alert going to Students and Parents

Override: Allow Preference Override : This allows the recipients the ability to make changes to either the contact information or their preferred preferences by checking the box off.

Admin Selectable: Check this box off to allow your Admin users the ability to see and use this newly created category. (This should always be checked if this is not set for Teachers Only)

Teacher Selectable: Check this box off to allow your Teachers via the PowerTeacher Integration to use this newly created category.

Parent Portal: Check this box off if you would like to have this category displayed on the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

After all the above information has been filled in, click the green Save button to create and save your new alert category.

Next you will need to assign fileds to the new category your just created.

Click the blue Fields box to the left of your new Alert Category name.

The Assign Fields to Category box will appear.  Assign the Students and Parent fields by checking off the appropiate box or boxes that you would like to use for the category you just created.

Click the green Save button on the bottom left.

You have now created your new alert category titled (example) - Students and Parents.

When creating your Alert, under "What type of alert is this"? Use the drop-down arrow in the box and select the new category you just created - Parents and Students.

Under who are the recipients for this alert? Check off the Students/Guardians box.


Parents only as well as Student only categories can be created. Follow the same steps above to create them.


If you require additional assistance creating alert categories, you can contact our Customer Support Department at (800) 929-1643 extenstion 1, or via email at  We also offer Live Chat Help from directly within your SwiftK12 portal available from 9AM to 5PM EST.



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