How to Share Broadcasts on Social Media SwiftK12-20

Send An Alert Wizard  
Once you have activated social media accounts in your SwiftK12 Messaging Settings for Facebook and/or Twitter, as well as (optionally) set your RSS feed via the RSS Feed option on the Home screen, you will be able to post your broadcasts to these social media channels as part of the Send an Alert (Create & Send) process. 

If you need assistance in setting up your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds, please click here to review how to set up your initial settings.

Note: All sharing on social media is controlled by Messaging Settings. If it is not activated, the user will not be able to share on social media.

As you develop your alert, you will note additional options for your message send:


  • Facebook: If initiated as part of your installation, this will allow for you to post your message to Facebook.
  • Twitter: If initiated as part of your installation, this will allow for you to post your message to Twitter.
  • RSS Feed: If initiated as part of your installation, this will allow for you to post your message through your school or district’s RSS feed reader.

Select the additional social media-based options that align with your message send via the section "Post your alert message via which other optional method?" by placing a check mark into the applicable boxes for Facebook, Twitter and/or RSS.

Proceed with the creation of your message send, entering in your Message Content via the "What do you want to tell the alert recipients?" screen.




Tip! You will notice the character count limits below the Message Content box. This will help  guide you on the character limits allowed, including those for your social media feed entries. These are strict character limits, so it is best practice to ensure that the content that you are creating is appropriately aligned to these limits.  If you feel that your overall content will be necessarily long for certain channels, consider choosing the Advanced Message Content method versus Basic, so that you can define content differently per channel.

Confirm your message send.

You will notice that Facebook, Twitter, and/or RSS will be included in the Send Via: section of the “Are these alert options correct?” screen.

After confirming your overall message send, press "Finalize Alert" on the "Are the launch scheduling options correct?" screen:



When reviewing reporting on your message send, you will notice that the Facebook and Twitter entries will state "YES" if chosen as additional options. 



You have now successfully shared your broadcast on social media through SwiftK12.

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