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SwiftK12 Parent Portal Introduction for Admin Users

SwiftK12 ties into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. It allows Parents/Guardians to maintain their contact information and preferences themselves.

To view the Swiftk12 Parent Portal from the PowerSchool admin side follow the steps below.

From your PowerSchool home page under the Students tab choose the student record you would like to review.

Once you have the student record pulled up on the screen, on the top left of the student record you will see the SwiftK12 link.

Under the SwiftK12 Alerting link click on Portal Overview.

On the SwiftK12 Parent Portal home page you can view the following information:

RSS Feed: Any alerts that you posted to your RSS Feed will appear here until you delete them.

Documents & Files: Any documents and files sent will be saved here for 72 hours or they will expire according to the days you have selected at time of post. **This relates to SwiftK12's pdf builder product.**

Recent Alerts: Any recent alerts sent will remain here for 72 hours for review by parents/guardians.


Student Preferences

On the top left of the SwiftK12 Parent Portal home page under SwiftK12 Alerting click on Student Preferences.

On the Alert Preferences page parents / guardians will be able to view the alert categories that you have chosen to make visible to them.

Alert Solutions has 7 standard categories: Attendance, Emergency, Fee Alert, General Information, Grade Alerts, Lunch Balance, and Teacher Message.

You can add new categories from your SwiftK12 home page under Settings, System Settings, Alert Categories. On the top right of the page click on the blue Add Alert Category button.

From the Alert Preferences Page on the SwiftK12 Parent Portal, parents and guardians can opt in and out of categories according to the permissions you set for them.

Note: Emergency Category- Parents and guardians will receive all alerts sent under the category of Emergency.

**Parents cannot opt of the Emergency category. This category is locked by default.**


Contact Information

Under SwiftK12 Alerting on the left side of the page you will see Contact Information.

By clicking on Contact Information this will load the Basic Information page.

The Basic Information page is where parents / guardians will fill in their contact information.

For example:

Emergency 1-

Father Home Phone-

Mother Day Phone-

The above contact information will be used when sending your alert messages from SwiftK12.


How Parents/Guardians can update their Parent Portal Information

SwiftK12 has a letter of introduction on the Knowledge Base titled- "Sample letter to Introduce SwiftK12 and Parent Portal." You can download and customize this letter with your School Logo and contact details.


***Please note****

  • When a parent makes a change to a phone number or email address in PowerSchool, the data is immediately updated inside of PowerSchool in the coinciding PowerSchool field.
  • When an administrator makes changes to a phone number or email address inside the PowerSchool field inside PowerSchool the data will not update on the ParentPortal until the next data sync runs.
  • The sync runs roughly every six hours. SwiftK12's Customer Support can run a manual data sync at any time for you if needed. 


If you need any assistance or have questions regarding the SwiftK12 Parent Portal, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support at (800) 929-1643, option 1 or via email at:









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