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You are ready to inform your Parents and Guardians they can use SwiftK12's Parent Portal, but you need additional resources to introduce and promote use? We're here to help!

An easy way to send the Parent Portal information to your parents is to send a district wide email message. In your email content list the Parent Portal URL and use the merge fields from the drop down and merge in their personal parent portal login and password.

Sample letter


Dear parent/guardian of [firstname/],

We are pleased to announce an updated parent portal for our alert notification system, SwiftK12.  Swiftk12 will be used for sending out important updates for your students including school closures, safety information, events, and general information.

To ensure we maintain the best contact information for your child, please log in to the parent portal and review your data and alert preferences.  If you have multiple children, each child will have their unique registration ID.  Register for one child and then you will be able to add each additional child once signed in. 

Portal address: 

Registration ID: [portalid/]

Registration Pin: [portalpin/]


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