Setting Alerting Preferences in SwiftK12 using PowerSchool Contacts SwiftK12-174

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Setting Alerting Preferences in SwiftK12 using PowerSchool Contacts


The following information is intended for schools utilizing SwiftK12 for PowerSchool with contacts activated.  If you utilize SwiftK12 for PowerSchool but have not yet asked for the Contact data to be used or are unsure of your settings, please contact Customer Support at to request a review.

SwiftK12 allows each school to designate the categories they desire to be visable for Subscriber Management. Contacts, then can choose from the list of alert categories and opt-in or opt-out each phone and email address to receive alerts for that category.

Administrators using SwiftK12 will want to communicate this to Parents, Guardians and contacts who have been provided access to the PowerScool Public Portal.

Note! From the PowerSchool Public Portal, a contact will only see their own information for changes. However, from the PowerSchool Admin Portal, school employees may update any contacts needed, provided by PowerSchool security permissions that allow access to the record.  We recommend encouraging parents, guardians, and additional contacts to apply their own preferences via the PowerSchool Public Portal whenever possible.

The following instructions will guide school employees through applying changes via the PowerSchool Admin portal.

From the PowerSchool Start page, select the student name to view details for.

On the left-hand navigation menu under SwiftK12 Alerting, click on Contact Information.

Under Action, click on the Contact Info button.

The Contact Information page will display on the screen.

To select the categories, click on the 'Alert Preferences" button to the right of the contact information field.



The list of categories will appear. In the example below, the student has been assigned several categories. This means that this email address will receive alerts based on these settings. To unsubscribe from a category, remove the check mark. 



Once complete, click the Save button.

*Please note, all categories are automatically opted in until preferences are adjusted by a parent or guardian.*

If you have questions regarding Setting Alerting Preferences please contact our support team at



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