Setting up the SwiftK12 Mobile App SwiftK12-99

Mobile Apps and Standalone Sites  

Setting up the SwiftK12 Mobile App 

Download the SwiftK12 Mobile App for the user's phone's respective app store. The icon will have a blue graduation cap on it with a white background. 

Through SwiftK12 in Power School go to Settings> System Settings> Users

From here, search for the user you want to activate the mobile app access for. 

To the right, you will see a column that says "Mobile App". You will want to press the green plus button underneath the column for the user you want to activate. 

After doing so, a pop up will appear. It will show you who you are enabiling it for and your school's customer code. You will then have to put in the user's mobile phone number. ( no spaces, parentheses, or dashes.) the user will then be sent a temporary mobile password. 

After being sent the temporary password, have the user log in to the mobile app. They will use their PowerSchool username as the username, the temporary password that was sent to them as their password, and the customer code that was shown on the pop up after activating the user for the mobile app. 

*See article on "how to find the customer code for images of this process."

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