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SwiftK12 – Parent Portal Registration

Welcome to Swiftk12!  You should have recently received a notification from your student’s school containing a registration ID number and pin number.  These values will be needed to proceed.  If those have not yet been received, please reach out directly to your student’s school to obtain.  Each student has a unique value, so you may need to request this information for multiple children. 

Navigate to:



Click the Register Button



Complete the Registration Information :

First Name (required):  Parent/Guardian First Name

Last Name (required):  Parent/Guardian Last Name

Email Address (required):  Enter your valid email address

Access ID (required):  Enter the Registration ID received.  Enter digits provided in each Box

Access PIN (required):  Enter the unique PIN number received.

Password (required): Enter a unique password.  Write this down as it will be required to login.

Confirm Password (required):  Please reenter your password from above to confirm.


Click the Register Button to proceed.

Check your inbox for a verification email that looks like this: 


Looking back to the Swiftk12 screen, complete the verification steps:

  • Username (required):  This is your email address.
  • Password (required):  This is the password you created during registration.
  • Verification Code (required):  This is the unique code you received by email.



Click Verify.

Congratulations!  You are now a registered Swifkt12 userIf you wish to register additional students, please login to the portal and continue to the next page.

For users registering only one student, you may proceed to entering in your credentials to log in.

Once logged in, in the top left corner, there is a drop-down menu to move between students whose communication preferences you manage.

To add additional student(s), click the Add Student button.

Complete the Access ID and PIN information for each student you manage.

Accessing the Portal after Registration

Navigate to:

Enter your credentials:

  • Username (required):  This is your email address.
  • Password (required):  This is the password you created during registration.

Click the Log In Button 

 Note: If you ever forget your password, you may click the Reset Password button to enter your username and have a new temporary one emailed to you.

Once logged in, recent Messages (past 72 hours) will display at the bottom left.

Navigate to Contact Information or Alert Preferences to review and edit.

Contact Information: Add or update your contact data on file. 

 Note: Be sure to do this for each student you manage by adjusting the student chosen in the left drop-down menu.


Alert Preferences can also be edited to choose how you wish to receive different types of messages the school may send.  Example:  Preferences for General Information alerts may be different than those of Attendance or Emergency notifications .






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