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Parent Portal  

SwiftK12 Parent Portal- Parent View of Parent Portal


Within the Alert Preferences section of the Parent Portal, Parents & Guardians will be able to choose their communication preferences based on message category, such as School Closures or Attendance, as well as message type (email, voice and/or text message) by placing a check mark into the aligned contact fields.


The images below are what your parents and guardians will see when they click on the SwiftK12 link to access the Parent Portal.


Note: When a parent or guardian updates information in the SwifK12 Parent Portal it writes/updates back to PowerSchool immediately.



  • Under Documents & Files- Any documents sent via the SwiftK12 PDF builder will be saved here for the amount of experiation days set when creating the alert.
  • Under Recent Alerts - All alerts sent via SwiftK12 will remain here for 72 hours.





Parents will receive messages to every contact field shown in Alert Preferences until updated in the parent portal.


If you require additional assistance, you can contact our Customer Support Department at (800) 929-1643 extention 1, or via email at support@alertsolutions.com.  We also offer Live Chat Help from directly within your SwiftK12 portal available from 9AM to 5PM EST.



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