What is an alerting channel and what channels are available? SwiftK12-57

Alerting Channels  

Alerting channels are the types of messages that you can send in an alert. In SwiftK12, we categorize alerting channels into Mandatory Alerting Channels and Optional Alerting Channels.


Mandatory Alerting Channels

  1. You are required to include a minimum of one Mandatory Alerting Channel in every alert.
  2. Mandatory Alerting Channels include:
  • Phone Calls (voice messages).
  • SMS/TXT (text messages).
  • E-mail (email messages).


Optional Alerting Channels

  1. Optional Alerting Channels are 100% optional and are not required to be included in an alert.
  2. Optional Alerting Channels include:
  • Hot-line (voice message will play when calling a designated phone number).

Tip: If you do not have a hot-line on your account and you are interested in obtaining one, please feel free to contact Support.

  • Facebook (Facebook post on the wall of a Facebook Page for a connected Facebook account).
  • Twitter (Tweet posted on the feed of a connected Twitter account).
  • RSS (RSS message posted on the RSS feed of the provided RSS Channel).

Tip: You can access the provided RSS Feed (different feed for each school and for the District Office) on the Home page of SwiftK12.


Sending to Multiple Channels in an Alert

  1. When sending an alert you can send the same message to all channels by selecting Basic in the alerting step that asks you how you would like to proceed with message content entry.
    1. If you would like to customize the messages differently for each of the alerting channels, you can select Advanced when it asks you how you would like to proceed with message content entry.

Tip: If you are sending to the SMS/TXT channel in your alert and your message is longer than 140 characters, you must use the Advanced message content entry option.

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