Winter Prep Creating and Sending Quick Alerts SwiftK12-85

Winter Prep  

Winter Prep – Creating and Sending Quick Alerts

Winter is coming and to get a jump on sending out and setting up alerts to cancel or delay school, why not set up quick alerts.

Start by clicking on the Manage Alerts (View & Edit) button in the “What would you like to do?” panel on the Home screen.

Then, select the blue “paper plane” icon underneath the Actions heading in the Manage Saved Alerts panel that corresponds to the alert for which you would like to develop a quick alert.

On the Create Quick Alert screen, you will need to enter the Quick Alert Title (maximum of 13 characters, including spaces), the Quick Alert Sub-Heading (maximum of 22 characters, including spaces), and an associated icon that you would like to align with the Quick Alert, using the image listing shown.

Tip! To assist you in determining the best icon to fit your Quick Alert, you can hover over the images for a description:

Once these fields are completed, you will see a preview of your Quick Alert:

Once you are satisfied with your Quick Alert, click Save Quick Alert.

The listing of your available Quick Alerts can be accessed from the Home screen via the Quick Alerts sub-panel.

Once a saved alert is associated with a Quick Alert, a “link” icon will be placed next to the saved alert when viewed via the Manage Alerts (View & Edit) button:

To unlink a quick alert to a saved alert, click on the link icon and select Unlink Quick Alert from the right-hand selection of the Create Quick Alert box:

To use a Quick Alert, click on the alert you would like to use. This will direct you to the Launch Alert screen.

Review the Alert Name, Recipients, Channel(s) used, and View Message, and one of three available delivery options:

·        Test Alert to Yourself: Allows you to test the alert before you determine to launch now or to launch later.

·        Launch Now (sends immediately)

·        Launch Later (schedule date and time)

When you are satisfied with your Quick Alert launch, click Confirm Launch.

You have now successfully sent your chosen Quick Alert through SwiftK12.






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