Winter Prep Mobile App and Stand Alone Site SwiftK12-93

Winter Prep  

The standalone site was created to allow you to send out important alerts even when PowerSchool is down.  By enabling remote access you are giving the user the ability to login to both the standalone and mobile app.  To enable a user to be able to login to the standalone site ( and the mobile app do the following:


  1. Go to SwiftK12 > Settings > Users
  2. You will be brought to the Account Users Section
  3. Here you will see a criteria box
  4. You can search by a first name, last name, full name, or PowerSchool username
  5. Once your criteria is entered click the search button
  6. Once you are brought to the correct user you first want to verify that they are an activated user
  7. You will see under the Mobile App header a “green plus sign”
  8. Enter the users mobile phone number in the mobile phone box
  9. Provide the user with the customer code from this box
  10. This will now allow them to log into the mobile app with the customer code, their PowerSchool username, and the temporary password that was sent via text to the users mobile phone
  11. This also now grants them access to the standalone website as well, they will use their PowerSchool user name, and new password created via the mobile app


  1. To download the mobile app from either ITunes or Google play, search for SwiftK12 PS
  2. The standalone website is:
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